28 kilometers from Edremit, Altınoluk is famous for its higt axygen air.There ara a lot of lodging and entertainment facilities in the area.  its high axygen air.There  are a lot of lodging and entertainment facilities in the area.

Antique City Of Antandros(Altınoluk)

It’s a very old city in Mysia at the skirts of Mount İda.On the northern edge of Adramyttion’s protrusion towards the sea,to Alcaeus a Leleg settlement,to Demetrius of Skepsis a Clician development ,to Herodotus a Pelasg, to Thucydides an Aiol settlement.It also has side names like Edonis and Kimmeris.According to Aristotle these names  must have come from the tribes that conquered Antandros.Another legend says it was founded by the Antirons that were later kicked out of the area.According to the coins,in the Antandros region in Asponeus, which was on the east of Astrya,trading of timmer,which was used in ship building and which was in abundance on Mount Ida, was very developed.It was conquered by Dareios during the Persian reign.It was drawn in to battles during the  Peloponnese wars.It was forced  to pay tribute(tax) to Athenians.Because of the Sicilians movement  it fell back in the hands of the  Persians.Later day were  kicked out by  the Persians.In the second half of the 4th century as a free city and later on from Titus to Elagabalus it has molded coins.It was a diocese during Christianity.It has been localized by H.Kiepert to be close to today’s Avcılar, towards the coast, on top of a two hundred and fifteen meter mountail.A script that was discovered in the area has been published.