Reached by a kilometers walk acrossthe stream from Sütüven Picnic Area, Hasanboğuldu has a waterfall and a small lake that is home to many fish.


Centuries ago the Edremit bazaar was held on Wednesdays as it is today. The locals would bring their crops to the market to sell and buy their necessities and go home. Hasan who is a handsome boy from Zeytinli was working as a gardener to provide for his mother and himself since hisfather has died. He takes the vegetables and.fruit that he has grown to the market and sells them to buy what they need. That day he sees a girl in the crowd. It is obvious from her outfit that the girl who has captivated Hasan with her beauty is a nomad. She is trying to sell something carrying a saddlebag. Hasan is watching her closely but for a moment he loses her from his sight. Dreaming of her he falls asleep. Suddenly he notices he is being called, he sees the girl right in front of him when he raises his head. He is so bailed he doesn't know what to
do. Seeing him like this she starts laughing which makes her even more beautiful.. Hasan picks the best of what he was asked and hands them. He asks the girl who she is.

She says her name is Emine and that they live in the tents above Zeytinli. She has noticed Hasan as well. Every Wednesday Emine brings the best of the cheese, milk, yogurt and honey to Hasan.They go back to Zeytinli from the market together. After Zeytinli,Emine has to walk three more hours to get to the tents. Emine and Hasan have fallen in love and decided to get married.Hasan's mother is excited that she is going to have a companion at home. Emine's .family oppose, claiming that farmers cannot live like the nomads. When Emine insists, they tell Hasan they will accept him as the groom if he proves his bravery by walking to the tent site carrying sixty kilos of salt on his back.When Emine tells Hasan the situation, Hasan, wanting to unite with his loved one, puts the sack of salt on his back. Hasan isn't used to carrying this heavy load because he is a gardener. He starts getting tired when they reach Beyoba. Around today's Sütüven Falls the road goes through the stream Hasan crosses by jumping over the stones but he is tired and the salt on his back starts burning him. On top of that there is still as much left as they came. When they get to Gokbuvet, Hasan, who is fatigued, falls down. Even though Emine tries to encourage him, he can't get up. Hasan ofers to run away and go live somewhere else. However,Emine has made a promise to her people. How can she take someone, who can't even carry something that she easily carries,to her people? Ignoring Hasan's please she takes the sack on her back and starts off.Hasan pleads 'l can't get to your tents and I can't get to my village, don't leave me '. Emine continues until Hasan's voice rings in her ears. When she gets to the tents she feels sorry.for what she has done. She wants to go back but there is a storm and heavy rains. Her family doesn't let her in the woods and tell her to go in the morning.Emine can't wait till the morning, with the first lights she runs to Gokbuvet, but Hasan isn't there. She runs to Zeytinli to his mother. but no one has seen Hasan. With Hasan's voice ringing in her ear Emine looks for him along the stream. She can't go back to her people either. Days later she finds Hasan's shirt and the scarf that she had given him in Gokbuvet. She hangs herself on a
plane tree in Gokbuvet saying 'l am coming to you my Hasan From that day on the name of Gokbuvet became Hasanboguldu (Hasan drowned) and the name of the plane tree became Emine tree.